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This book teaches the most efficient methods known for learning piano, including explanations of the Chromatic Scale and how to tune your Piano. This is the only "Fundamentals of Piano Practice" site that is always up to date.

  1. Download the Third Edition of this book free, or purchase the paperback ($25.25) or kindle ebook ($7.00). If you find typos or have suggestions, please email me.

  2. Sheet music for the compositions discussed in the book, contributed by David Baptista.

    For a larger library of free sheet music, go to IMSLP; you may find better editions there, especially for Bach. For hard-to-find sheet music, try Plainfield Music Store in Plainfield, NJ.

  3. Thumb-Over/Thumb-Under videos on Youtube.

  4. For reader reviews, see Testimonials (very informative; comments from professors, established teachers and students of all ages).

  5. Other recommended books, videos, & sheetmusic; note on Amazon: If you have Amazon Prime, you can invite 4 people who do not have Amazon Prime, and they will get Amazon Prime for free (free 2-day shipping!).

  6. List of classical music for listening (work in progress).

  7. The Second Edition book in PDF format, 266 pages is still available for download.

    It is being translated into the following languages: Chinese (Simplified), 中文 and Chinese (Traditional), 中文,-- Dutch, Nederlands,-- French, Français,-- German, Deutsch,-- Hungarian, Magyar (incomplete),-- Italian, Italiano,-- Japanese, 日本語,-- Korean, 한국어 (incomplete),-- Polish, Polski,-- Russian Русский,-- Slovak, Slovenčina, and Spanish, español (complete book).

  8. Palm stretch photo of section III.7.e, P. 137.

  9. Addendum (PDF) to the second edition book (important new research results, corrections, changes).

  10. You can purchase this second edition book at Amazon ($25.25), or as ebooks at Amazon Kindle, or the Apple iBookstore, or Nook (Barnes & Noble), $8.00.

  1. Go to General Information for instructions for translators, teachers, and students, and 55% discounts for teachers.

  1. Here is a good list of Piano Teachers; however, I have not been able to compile a list of teachers using the methods of this book.

  1. Link to French School of Music, where Mlle Yvonne Combe taught, FaceBook page.

  1. French School Recital Programs, 1978-86 (PDF format), or Recital Programs, 1978-86 (.odt format).

  1. List of Teaching Pieces used by Combe, grouped as Easy, Intermediate, or Advanced. Combe wrote these down from memory for her student recitals. For each recital, someone typed them to be “memeographed”; I made this list from those recital programs. Therefore, there may be errors; if you can't find sheet music for an item, use a different one because some are difficult to find or are out of print – there are lots to choose from. If you find errors, please email me. You should be able to find most of them on YouTube to see what they sound like. For sheet music, try (2) above.

  2. Recordings of performances by Combe's students, starting with an incredible performance by Mayo Tsuzuki of Saint Saens' second piano concerto (work in progress).

  3. Compositions of our daughters:

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